The farm is run by Guerrini Daniela and was born in Cortona's countryside in 2012. In this year, Daniela took over the old management. The company's philosophy is based upon two requirements: quality and passion, as well as/ alongside with tradition and innovation.

The farm deals with the cultivation of vines, olive trees and specializes in cereal products, such as wheat, barley, sunflowers, corn.

What we produce at il Giardino di Diana:


The olives are mechanically picked with shakers and gathered in the nets placed under the crown. The milling takes place within 24 hours in order to guarantee an high quality product: the extra virgin olive oil.

Our oil can be purchased by our vacationers in 1 liter, 3 or 5 liter jerry can.

The farm also deals with the care and production of grapes. The product is sold and processed in the cellars, which produce an excellent Trebbiano and Sangiovese.